I like organization =) I like to keep an order I can follow so before I even get to an About Me page I am now going to create a study plan for myself 🙂 and a study plan is more like a schedule of what different types of study I will be doing on what days…so I don’t get confused and frustrated and ultimately give up on the whole notion of Korean self study 🙂

So here goes my study plan =) this is just for the next month …so that means I will review it and change either the whole thing or just a few aspects of the already in place plan 🙂


On Monday’s because it is the beginning of a new week I don’t really have time to do much it’s always just so hectic I will limit my Monday Korean study to just four things that must be accomplished and built upon in a blog post 🙂

  • So the first of the four things is learn 5 new words {the five words will increase as my ability to remember Korean words increases}
  • Write 5 simple sentences in Korean using the 5 words I learnt
  • If you can {and this is a bit of a pipe dream} translate at least two short tweets that were originally written in Korean 🙂
  • Begin translating a Korean song that will be my song of the week {Translation and Breakdown of Korean lyrics in to English}


On Tuesday’s guess what I only start school at 11 so for a few more hours in my morning I can study Korean that whole morning since I am an early bird 🙂 I wake up before the birds I think LOL!!

  • I have come across Naver and Daum {seems that they are seriously popular in Korea} and with that came webtoon’s and I love these webtoon’s that’s why I am going to  use them as study tools 🙂 so first point of call on a Tuesday morning is go veg out and read 만화 on Daum and Naver for 1 whole hour jotting down all notes about super confusing words and believe me I have come across some crazy words 🙂
  • Listen to Korean learning podcasts and write down ALL words so I don’t forget them {actually I’m going to make a Word List page @ the top so I have a reference to my learnt words}
  • Listen to K-Pop {yeah that’s an excuse to do nothing}
  • Check out Advanced Korean article of the day {I’m not advanced but it’s still healthy and informative to read the article and see the words ….evreything helps}
  • Watch a short YouTube episode of 짝 {I know I really don’t get much of what they are saying but the subtitles in Korean are if I may say so myself 대박} no cooler way to get words and laugh for no reason 🙂


Oh I don’t like Wednesday’s….really I hate ’em I have too much going on with after school activities on Wednesday’s…things I don’t even want to do like Karate class 😦 what a drag!! But what must be done must me done 🙂

  • Since I don’t like Wednesday’s very much on a Wednesday where this blog and Korean study is concerned …a Wednesday no longer exists 🙂 on a Wednesday I will scour the Internet for random post on learning Korean and write about that 🙂 because I’m too lazy busy to do anything else 🙂 So enjoy my long post of nothing !!!
  • Oh!! And did I forget listen to K-Pop what’s a day without listening to K-Pop for study purposes of cause!! That’s a LIE LOL!!



Well after having gone to bed like a bird on Wednesday on Thursday I will have more energy 🙂 that’s code for I’m gonna be hyper because I slept too much 🙂 But hey if I’m hyper I have the energy for almost anything now don’t I?

  • Because on Wednesday I did nothing and lounged around my house like a lazy slob tired and exhausted person 🙂 I have to make up for that and read Korean anywhere I can find it 🙂 no excuses ….
  • Listen to more Korean learning podcasts {ooh!! this is getting repetitive lol}
  • Learn 7 words on Korean-Flashcards {7 the number of perfection yay!!}
  • Ohh!! That’s too much to do lol!! Going to bed now !! But no let me squeeze in some Korean culture lesson 🙂 from the KCLASS 101 culture lessons 🙂 learning a languages culture is key to understanding it better 🙂



Yay!! Its Friday cool thing for me is that I never sleep on a Friday night ever its been my thing to stay up till 4 in the morning since I was 11 years old 🙂 and I now always do it so on a Friday I can’t even begin to make a schedule for a Friday night because its a FREE night I can just either study Korean or I can stare at myself in the mirror if I wanted too!! But I won’t 🙂 So on Friday I choose what I want to do…:)