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Okay!! So a few hours ago I was just surfing the net and I thought of looking up a language exchange I mean I know of Talk To Me In Korean’s Ning community but I just thought that its a world full of all different kinds of language learners so there is definitely another language exchange site out there and I found one that seems to be a bit popular the Rosetta Stone’s Shared Talk site you can have voice chat and text chat you can send other members messages and it’s really cool!!

And another one I tried is called My Language Exchange but I have not really looked at it I will do all that later ……now I gotta get back to getting that NoteK-Pop songNote I chose to translate translated!! Urgh!! Its not as easy as I thought but I will not give up on it Smile But my personal opinion is that Shared Talk is actually a really good site, and if anyone reading this knows of any other language exchange sites please tell me!! I would appreciate it sooo much!!