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I need to write more in Korean so I can improve (the words of my first Korean friend ^^) So I am writing about me ^^ here goes and since I don’t know a lot of grammatical endings I used –입니다 form a lot of the time… –입니다 is every where in my Introduction ^^ 미안해요!!

자기소게서 자기소개서

안녕하세요 여러분은

이제 내 자기소개서 시작합니다 ^^

제 이름은 케이 예요.

저는 17살 이예요 그리고 저는 조등학생 입니다.

저는 수영을 가고 싶어요 하지만 이제 너무 추워요!!

I tried to Introduce myself then say what I wanted to go and do!! It did not work out as well as I wanted it to!! So here is what I think went wrong!!

1. It was way too short but really I go nothing else I need to study more to be able to write and express myself more…and right now all I got is -고 싶어요 and –입니다 endings Smile its really not much but I will eventually know more!!

2. Well it kinda looks when you read it like I’m confused….one thing ….then another like I am stuttering when I’m not I just am writing like for example : I want to eat….I want to stand! You understand its like I am talking in breaks so i think that is another flaw in that little writing!

3. I didn’t bother to check with a dictionary or even put it through Google Translate to check if it was correct ….i should have done that!!

4. But other than that considering that it was the first time I wrote anything in Korean without first putting it to Google Translate its ok I guess!! Reasonable you tell me!! Correct it if you can Smile