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I just learned this a while ago ^^ so if my sentences are all off and not making sense I am sorry ^^ you can correct them for me and they will make more sense ^^

So before I knew 그리고 and I would always create a long sentence with 그리고 everywhere in it eg: 어제 밥 먹어 그리고 친구를 만나서 그리고 영화 봤어요 but now with my newly learnt skill of just putting –after all verbs the sentence becomes so much easier to write, type and say its cuts time by a significant amount ^^ new sentence would be eg : 어제 밥 먹고 친구를 만나고 영화 봤어요.


어제 밥 먹어 그리고 친구를 만나서 그리고 영화 봤어요

어제 밥 먹고 친구를 만나고 영화 봤어요 

A lot shorter isn’t it Smile and cuter to me anyway!! So i think I will be using this 고 a lot more in my Korean sentence making ^^ and I’m really happy about that ^^ now off to learn some new Korean grammar and vocabulary ^^

다음에 봐요!!