About / 자기소개서

Hey there!! First of all most important thing to know about me is my name and my name is Kay and in Korean its 케이 and I am 17 years old in my last year of school 🙂 and since in my last year I don’t seem to be that busy it’s finally time to learn some Korean 🙂

How did I start out my love of everything Korean?

Simple question and most  peoples answers are almost the same aren’t they its usually K-Pop and K-Drama’s …and for me that is also one of the reasons I am learning Korean, but I have another reason, my other reason is the masterful creation of Korean by King Sejong to me its the most unique creation of a language 🙂 its perfect!! And also I love Hyeon Bin ever since watching |My Name is Kim Sam Soon|

My Korean learning goals?

Honestly I have fallen in love with the Korean language so my only goal is to master Korean and understand Korean culture…extra perks of learning Korean are the ability to understand K-Pop and watch K-Drama’s and that’s cool but not everything to me 🙂 so in all honesty my goals are actually nothing I want to have fun with Korean …that’s it 🙂

What was my first Korean word?

This is an easy thing for me to answer!! I have been watching Korean drama for years {since I was 13 or younger} my first Korean drama was Sad Sonata {슬픈연가} and through out that the 20 episodes when I was done I knew one and that one word was “사랑해” and although I didn’t know how to spell it but I sure knew how to pronounce it 🙂 it was said so many times. I actually to be honest…now before you read my words remember not to laugh!! I thought the drama I was watching was Chinese…I know now it’s so embarrassing to say but it was my first drama I was watching because it was interesting and I though it was Chinese…till episode 12 till I looked it up and found out ohhh!! its Korean 🙂

So now my Korean learning timeline …I think I need to do this its important 🙂

June 2011 :- Started my Korean learning with ttmik {got to level 3 then stopped till 2 months ago}

August 2011 :- Learned Hangul on koreanwikiproject

July 2012 :- Started up on ttmik lessons again. Current Level is 4

26 August 2012 :- {Unique} Hanguk blog opened!!

I know I have had so many bit’s and pieces of Korean learning over the last few months : ) but now I have time on my hands 🙂



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